Downloadable SAP data forms for your convenience

A full set of construction drawings including plan, section, elevation and location views will be required in order to undertake calculations. Drawings can either be original pdfs or CAD files. Full size paper plans may be used in certain circumstances but will carry a surcharge due to charges levied by the accreditation schemes in the case of audit.

For your convenience and to ensure we have enough information to undertake your calculations as quickly as possible please use the forms below if appropriate.

If the full construction specification is not on the plans or contained in a separate document then please click on either New Build or Extensions to download the appropriate SAP data form for your project.

Full details of size, orientation and specification of all external windows and doors will be needed so please click on Window Schedule to download a Window Schedule form if you do not have this information available in a separate document or on the plans. Documentation will be required to back up specifcations otherwise default values are used.

For Part G Water Calculations please fill in as much detail as possible on the form Water 

Note: Please be patient these  documents do sometimes load slowly!

Guidance notes to assist you in completion of the SAP forms are available here

The links to the editable pdf forms are below. If you do not have a pdf reader then please click on the Adobe link:

New Build, Extensions, Windows , Water  Adobe