Did You Know?

Domestic property is responsible for 27% of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK.

Heating accounts for around 90% of home energy consumption.

Only 80% of homes have sufficient loft insulation.

Only 20% of homes have loft insulation to the recommended depth of 250mm.

Only 50% of homes with cavity walls have cavity wall insulation.

Up to 30% of heat loss is through the walls.

Many more homes do not have room thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves or enough insulation on the hot water tank.

Many people will spend thousands of pounds on installing double glazing when solar panels or photo voltaic panels may be more cost effective.

If you are building your own house or converting a barn you will need SAP Calculations and Reports along with an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate. It is better to start this process at the design stage rather than having to make costly changes to achieve compliance once the property is complete. You will not be able to get sign off by Building Control without these documents. No sign off means no sale!